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Trumbull, CT
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Trumbull Babe Ruth

Playing Rules


  1. All players present at the start of the game must play a minimum of three (3) innings in the field and bat at least once, except in case of a shortened game that goes less than six (6) innings.  (Or if injury or ejection occurs).
  2. Any player who shows up prior to the start of the fifth (5th) inning must fulfill the minimum playing requirements, (3) innings in the field and (1) at bat.
  3. Any player who shows up after the start of the fifth (5th) inning will be inserted into the game at the start of the next full inning.  This player may not get an at bat, depending on where he is inserted in the lineup, but will play in the field.  Should the game go extra innings and this player fulfills his (3) innings and (1) at bat, the re-entry rule will apply.
  4. A continuous batting order will be used in the 13 Year Old Prep league.  A player must play a minimum of three (3) innings in the field, unless the game is shortened.
  5. Players must slide or attempt to avoid a tag at all times.
  6. The Babe Ruth calendar week is Monday through Sunday.
  7. Pitchers must inform their Babe Ruth coaches, prior to the start of any game, if/when he has recently pitched for any other team.  Failure to communicate, if leading to excessive innings pitched,  could result in the pitchers suspension from the next game and/or the teams forfeit of the game as Trumbull Babe Ruth sees fit.
  8. A pitcher removed from his position as a pitcher may not reenter the game as a pitcher.
  9. One (1) pitch constitutes one (1) inning pitched.
  10. A pitcher must have forty eight (48) hours of rest if he pitches more than three (3) innings in a game.
  11. A pitcher may pitch a maximum of three (3) innings in any Prep league game.
  12. A pitcher may pitch a maximum of seven (7) innings in a calendar week.  This includes thirteen (13) year old pitchers who pitch in both the Prep and 14-15 leagues (7 innings includes a combination of both leagues).
  13. A thirteen (13) year old pitcher may pitch a maximum of three (3) innings in the 14-15 year old league provided he does not exceed his seven (7) innings for the calendar week.
  14. A thirteen (13) year old pitcher may not pitch two (2) consecutive days in the 14-15 year old league.
  15. A thirteen (13) year old pitcher may receive one (1) balk warning per inning.  The warning will include an explanation from the umpire.  The umpire may use his discretion when calling balks based on the pitcher and the game situation.
  16. Manager is allowed one (1) trip to the mound per inning, per pitcher.  If a second trip is needed with the same pitcher, in the same inning, the  pitcher must be removed as a pitcher.
  17. A thirteen (13) year old catcher may catch a maximum of four (4) innings per game in a game in the Prep League or 14-15 League.
  18. Catcher's speed up rule is to be used when the catcher reaches base with two (2) outs.  The batter who recorded the last out must run for the catcher.  In the first inning of the game, if no out has been recorded, the last batter in the batting order will run for the catcher.
  19. If a runner attempting to reach home plate or any base intentionally and maliciously runs into a defensive player, he will be called out on the play and ejected from the game.  The objective of this rule is to penalize the offensive team for deliberate, unwarranted or unsportsmanlike action by the runner for the obvious purpose of crashing into a defensive player rather than trying to avoid contact.  This may be an umpire's judgment call.
  20. If a team does not have a minimum of eight (8) players within fifteen (15) minutes after start time, the team will forfeit the game.  A team may start and play a game with eight (8) players.  When playing with eight (8) players an automatic out is recorded in the ninth (9th) position in the batting order.  If an additional player arrives late, he may be added at the start of the next inning to the ninth (9th) spot in the batting order.
  21. The objective should be to try and play all games as best possible.
  22. The eight (8) player rule must be used if a team starts with nine (9) players and a player is injured, ejected or has to leave the game early.
  23. An Extra Hitter (EH) must be used if both teams have ten (10) or more players.  If one (1) team has nine (9) or fewer players, the team with ten (1) players or more must still bat ten (10) players.  The EH may appear in any position in the batting order and must play three (3) innings in the field.  The batting order must remain the same.  The manager may rotate any of the team (10) players in the batting order in the field at any given time.
  24. A manager or coach may substitute a player one (1) time for any starting player and reenter the starting player later in the game.  The player must reenter the game in the same position in the batting order.  The substitute player must fulfill the  minimum batting and fielding playing requirements.  A substitute who is withdrawn may not reenter.
  25. If a player is injured or ejected and all of the players have been substituted, a player previously substituted may reenter the game for the injured/ejected player.  This type of reentry can only take place when an injury/ejection prevents a player from continuing in the game.
  26. In the 14-15 League, if either team is ahead by twelve (12) or more runs by the end of three (3) innings, both teams must make their substitutions.
  27. In the 14-15 and Prep League, if either team is ahead by twelve (12) or more runs by the end of 4 1/2 (home team) or 5 innings (visiting team) the game will end and be declared official.
  28. In the event of rain, all teams must report to the field unless they have been notified otherwise.  A game is declared officially complete after 4 1/2 or 5 innings if rain or darkness occurs.
  29. The condition of the playing field is the responsibility of both the managers during and after the game.  All managers must take the time to rake the mound and batters box after each game and tarp the mound and batters box when necessary.
  30. A manager may not protest a judgment call by the umpire.  A manager must register a protest with the umpire before the next pitch is thrown.  A written protest must be submitted to the League President within twenty-four (24) hours of the completion of the game.  Please make every effort to resolve the situation amongst the managers and umpires at the game.
  31. All appeal plays must be physically made.
  32. In an intentional walk, the pitcher must pitch to the batter.
  33. Traveling Team player clause:  Traveling team players  may pitch a maximum of nine (9) innings per week combined with their Regular Babe Ruth team and the Travel Team.  The player may pitch a maximum of seven (7) innings exclusively for their Regular Babe Ruth team.  This gives a Travel Team pitcher two (2) extra innings per week.  The pitcher must have the proper rest.