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Trumbull, CT
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Trumbull Babe Ruth

2019 General Rules


  1. Players must be in full uniforms, including issued hats, shirts, belts, pants and socks.
  2. Only players, managers, coaches, batboys, scorekeepers are allowed in dugouts during the game.  There is no limmit to coaches, but all coaches must have filled out a background check form and be Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken certified coaches.
  3. All players must stay in the dugouts at all times unless playing in the game, warming someone up, chasing foul balls or on deck preparing to bat.  There is a designated on deck area for one batter only.
  4. Any player warming up a pitcher, either on the field or in the bullpen must wear a catcher's mask.
  5. A player coaching in place of a coach must remain in the coach's box and must wear a protective helmet.
  6. Players must wear protective helmets on the bases and in the designate on deck area.
  7. Catchers must wear a helmet, mask and catcher's gear, including a protective cup, at all times while catching.
  8. All position players are encouraged to wear a protective cup at all times.
  9. No wearing of any jewelry, such as earrings, necklace, rings or watches.
  10. Check the Trumbull Babe Ruth website www.trumbullbaberuth.com for game information including cancelations.
  11. Any obscene language, unsportsmanlike conduct or throwing of equipment will result in ejection of the game.  If a second ejection for unsportsmanlike conduct or throwing equipment occurs, the person will be ejected from the game and suspended from the next game.
  12. An ejected player will be replaced by an available substitute.  If no substitute is available, an automatic out will be recorded when that player's turn comes up in the batting order.  If a player was previously in the game, the player can reenter the game for the ejected player in his batting position.
  13. Any player intentionally trying to cause bodily harm to another player will be ejected from the current game and suspended from the next game.
  14. The use of tobacco products or alcoholic beverages is prohibited by any player, manager, coach or anyone associated with a team in the dugouts, on the field, in the stands or in the parking lot.
  15. Repeated willful misconduct by any player, manager, coach or fan may result in immediate expulsion by the Trumbull Babe Ruth Board.  Any player, manager coach or fan expelled may request a hearing before the Board to be held as soon as practical.
  16. Any player participating on an interscholastic team is ineligible to play Babe Ruth baseball until their school season has officially ended.
  17. The manager of the winning team must submit the score of the game via email to the Webmaster at  within 24 hours of the completion of the game.
  18. The manager of the winning team must submit a publicity sheet via email to the Publicity Director at within one (1) week of the completion of the game.