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Trumbull Babe Ruth is an organization whose objective is to provide a quality baseball program for its participants.  Participants include players, coaches, parents, other spectators and all the volunteers who contribute their time to run the program.

In order for the Organization to meet its objective, expectations must be achieved by its participants.  These expectations are detailed in this Code of Conduct.

Players/Other Team Member:

Understand and follow the rules of the game
*Practice to develop the fundamental skills of the game
*Show respect for umpires, coaches, parents, spectators, and volunteers
*Respect and support your teammates and opponents
*Wear your uniform properly at all times
*Model good sportsmanship on and off the field
*Be dependable and punctual
*Have a positive attitude
*Maintain self-control

Managers/Coaches/Board Members:

*Be knowledgeable of the rules of the game
*Create a friendly and safe environment for players to learn, practice and play
*Provide all players the opportunity to play and learn
*Demonstrate good health habits and physical fitness
*Model good sportsmanship
*Be courteous and polite
*Be fair to all players
*Model a high level of respect for umpires and other officials of the game
*Demonstrate poise, self-control and self-confidence
*Be open-minded
*Be a positive role model

Parents/Other Spectators:

*Respect and support umpires and other volunteers
*Model good sportsmanship
*Be supportive and positive of all players, managers, coaches and volunteers
*Encourage the development of good fundamental skills

This Code of Conduct states expectations of our participants.  However, while participating in any Trumbull Babe Ruth program, conduct that is prohibited and which will result in immediate suspension and other possible disciplinary action includes: fighting, throwing equipment, using profanity, use or possession of alcohol or drugs, use or possession.